Why should I choose Ohana?
Excellent teachers and a profoundly successful educational model

We follow an ambitious educational model here at Ohana and strive to provide your child with the tools to continue to excel academically long after he or she leaves our school.  Here at Ohana, we do more than ready your child for grade school success.  It is our priority for students to graduate from the Ohana School a year ahead academically.  We understand at Ohana that to achieve those academic standards it is imperative to have top-notch teachers on staff.  We hire teachers with a strong educational background and experience in early childhood education.  We support our teachers, and foster a dynamic and collaborative learning environment, to ensure longevity and low turnover.  Our teachers are the cornerstone of your child’s success and we treat them as the valuable and important team members they are.

Unparalleled commitment to green living and eliminating environmental toxins in our educational environment

We believe in supporting the whole child.  We will create a clean and green environment for your child.  We are cutting edge leaders in integrating green standards into education.  This brand new, state of the art facility was built – from top to bottom - with LEED Silver Standards.  We are dedicated to conservation and clean living and have integrated that commitment into the classroom and play environments for your child.

Dedication to providing your child with whole nutrition and physical activity

An active lifestyle and nutrition is important to everyone living in Colorado, and it is important at Ohana.  We provide every child here at Ohana with a healthy and complete breakfast, lunch and snack.  Our fruit is always fresh, never canned and our meals are prepared from scratch with healthy, whole foods.  We work hard to limit the use of preservatives, sugars, salts or additives because we believe your child deserves the best nutrition available.

In addition, active play and exercise is an integral part of every classroom schedule and a way of life for us here at Ohana.  Active, well-fed children are wonderful learners!

The Ohana School of Early Learning is a private, locally owned and operated school that understands and is dedicated to Colorado educational standards of Excellence, an active lifestyle, daily nutrition and environmentally clean living.  We invite you to come be a part of the Ohana family.