Two is a fun and adventurous age! Our classroom is created to embrace this discovery age. Our teachers in the two year old classroom will help your children develop academically, social-emotionally, and of course with potty-training! In the two year old classroom we begin introducing structured academics into our day. We learn Zoo phonics, colors, shapes, Spanish, and the letters in our names! These concepts are introduced during circle time and are supported in our art based and play based centers. Our two year olds start to follow an age-appropriate schedule during the day to help facilitate learning. Social-emotional development is an every minute occurrence with our two year olds! Our students are learning everyday how to conduct themselves in a group, how to play with friends, and how to interact with their teachers. Learning manners is an important part of your child’s social-emotional growth, but in addition, we are talking a lot about feelings. In our two year old room we are teaching our students how to empathize with others to help them to think beyond themselves. Potty-training is a big part of the two year old classroom! When it comes to potty-training, every child has their own schedule. While we encourage every child to sit on the potty regularly, we never force the issue. Our job is to encourage the natural process for every student. Our teachers will be communicating via your daily sheet all the details of your child’s potty-training process. We believe in positive reinforcement, and will often celebrate classroom wide when a child is able to move to underpants! Having a two year old student can sometimes be a challenge. Our teachers are experts in two year old behavior, so please do not hesitate to ask your teacher for advice. At Ohana, we area community, and we are here to help!

2 Year Olds