Our staff at Ohana compromises well-rounded teachers with years of experience. AnnMarie, our director, has directed early childhood programs for nearly a decade. She has found that finding the right teacher and the right team for each classroom essential. We select teachers with a background and education in early childhood. We conduct background checks and fingerprinting on all teachers and support staff. In addition, we have a rigorous training process, that includes observations, feedback and ongoing education. At Ohana, our teachers are treated and respected as professionals in their field. Our director, AnnMarie believes in hiring teachers, not babysitters. It is this adherence to excellence that makes Ohana's teachers a cut above our competitors.

AnnMarie Blackburn


Hi current and future Ohana families and friends!

   My name is AnnMarie, and I am the Director of The Ohana School of Early Learning. It has been my pleasure to work in education for the past 18 years, and have directed early childhood programs for the last 10 years. I am very proud to be the director of Ohana for several reasons.  

   Our mission at Ohana School is to extend the community we serve. As early childhood providers, connect with the families so that we can provide excellent care for every child. We at Ohana understand our little ones are the most precious focus of the lives of parents and it is our pleasure to partner with families during the early childhood years.
   Our Ohana Curriculum caters specifically to the local area public schools. Our belief of academic success rest on the goal for each student to perform at least a year ahead academically so when it comes time to graduate to the wonderful public schools in our area, they are ahead and moving to elementary smooth!
   Finally, I am very proud of Ohana's dedication to maintaining a clean and environmentally responsible facility.  Our LEED Silver Certified building decreased our carbon footprint while also ensuring an environment free of toxins for our families.  We believe in being environmentally conscious to protect our world for the students we serve!
   It is my pleasure to serve as the Director of Ohana School of Early Learning.  If there is anything I can do to enhance your experience, please reach out!

AnnMarie Blackburn