Early learning is most effective when it parallels the academic curriculum children face as they progress through the school. We’ve met with local school principals to review their programs and expectations. The Ohana approach ensures our students are well prepared and their transition to elementary school is smooth and enjoyable. Your child will build a love of learning that stays with them through their years ahead.

Ohana provides “center-based” learning. Your child will learn and then work in small groups to practice what has been taught. This method provides students with guided, guided/independent, and independent practice and includes a healthy balance between work and play. Our teachers utilize techniques that address kinetic, visual and auditory learning so they reach every child.

 We believe consistent communication is the key to success. You can track your child’s progress through daily reports, Back to School night and parent-teacher conferences. Please contact our school director, AnnMarie for more details on the exceptional benefits of the Ohana School of Early Learning.