The Pre-Kindergarten classroom consists of our 4-year olds.  This classroom is the last stop at Ohana before Kindergarten.  In the Pre-K class, everything comes together for our students! In this classroom we engage children in Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies and Art. The curriculum in this classroom is specifically designed to cover everything that is on your local elementary school’s Kindergarten entrance exam.  We find the best approach is to teach this material in a small group environment. Our method is to educate the students with a balance of guided, guided-independent and independent practices. We also use hands on learning tools to help engage every student.

In Pre-Kindergarten, we also have an I-Pad center which enriches our curriculum with educational programs that help support the students that are ready for independent work. The I-Pad center is tool used to reinforce what has already been taught to our students. I-Pads are never used to introduce a new concept. At Ohana, we understand that technology is an important tool and we utilize it every day. Children need to be familiar with technology, not dependent. We use the I-Pad as another layer of support to reinforce the student’s long term memory.

In Pre-Kindergarten we ask that all students arrive no later than 9 am. Our welcome circle time occurs at 9 am and all curriculum follows. We still have naps in Pre-K, but for many students, they may no longer be necessary. Those students will be given quiet activities to entertain them during the nap time period.

Pre-K is a fun and active learning environment! At Ohana, we love to engage our students in the performing arts. In our Pre-K classroom, your child will participate in a Spring Play! The students will act out parts, sing and dance! They will also be in charge of making props and scene decoration. Plays are a wonderful way for students to learn to memorize, sing and dance.  Cognitively speaking, it is a great way to get the right and left brain work together. And, it is absolutely adorable! All parents will be invited to see their children perform!
Pre-K is a wonderful year to watch children learn and grow. At Ohana, we believe in supporting the whole student, academically and behaviorally. We love our 4-year-olds!