Welcome to Preschool 3! Our classroom is an exciting and welcoming learning environment with an emphasis on developing fine motor skills, social-emotional development, writing, science, number recognition and letter recognition! Similar to our 2-year old classroom, we accomplish these tasks using center based learning, art, and hands-on learning tools.  We believe in a healthy balance between school work and play.

In Preschool 3 we introduce handwriting to your children. We accomplish this by practicing writing but also through fine motor play. You will often find our students stringing beads, lacing, using scissors, and other fine motor tools.  These activities help develop your children’s dexterity making writing a lot easier for years to come!

We will also start to recognize letters and numbers! Every week we will have a letter and number that we are working on in class. On Fridays, it is show and tell time! We will be communicating what letter and number we are working on so your child can bring in a show and tell item that represents one or the other.  In this way, the children have a fun opportunity to share with the class the knowledge they have absorbed that week!

The cornerstone of our classroom is social-emotional development. As you know, 3-year olds can present many unique challenges. They are establishing their independence and are often testing boundaries with friends, teachers and parents. In the 3-year old classroom we believe in processing with every child. We want them to grow in there interactions with friends and adults alike. We accomplish this with spending a lot of time on the why and how. Why did you hurt your friend? Why shouldn’t we do that? How do you think that made your friend feel? We do this on an individual basis and in group settings, depending on the situation. We communicate on your daily sheet any social-emotional details that have occurred with your child during the day.

In conclusion, we love to learn in Preschool 3, but we love to have fun! We address both in our classroom and feel that it is the best way to approach their education!

3 Year Olds